Thursday 13 September 2018

Ten things which aren't funny (revisited)

Back in 2012, I published a blog entitled "Ten things which aren't funny". I thought that maybe this should be revisted. I suspect that I would change a couple of the items.

1. Anything on a spam email which is deemed "hilarious" (unless you happen to be a bloke running a business repairing computers).

2. Jokes made by politicians. "Humourous" Facebook posts about #Brexit

3. The Monty Python Parrot sketch being recited in the pub after 9pm.

4. Ben Elton over the last 15 years. My new number 4 - Anything that involves cruelty to animals

5. Jokes made by any member of the Royal family (except Prince Phillip, who is often hilarious for the completely wrong reasons).

6. Any comedian who ever comments that Bernard Manning wasn't funny (yes he was a horrible racist, mysoginist and some of his material was not funny but he had exceptional comic timing and a comic who cannot acknowledge that does not know his job).

7. Humour records (after the first listen).

8. Your best friends four year old telling jokes at a party after 30 seconds.

9. Russell Brand My new number 9 - Anything with regards to Boris Johnson that does not include Ian Hislop

10.  Any video made by a political campaign team, which a politician tweets as hilarious.

So why have I adapted these lists. Well for no 2, I have to admit that sometimes politicians are very funny. Winston Churchill was the master of the witty put down. So yep, I got that wrong. In 2012, there was no such thing as Brexit. I am sick of postings on Facebook of allegedly funny posts and cartoons about Brexit, they simply don't work. As for number 4, as Ben Elton seems to have completely disappeared, it is really rather pointless including him. I really find cruelty to animals vile. so that seems a far better fit. As for number 9, I have seen a couple of things featuring Russell Brand that were mildly amusing since 2012, and he deserves a bit of credit for sticking up for the people on the West Hendon Estate. As for Boris, I just think he's a fat, unpleasant Berk (in its truest sense). As a Roman Catholic, I believe Ian Hislop deserves a hundred years in purgatory for sanitising him, but I have to admit he can make Boris seem amusing at times.

Any more for the list.

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