Saturday 29 September 2018

The Saturday List #190 - The amazing modern art of Mill Hill courtesy of Barnet Council

Today we salute the amazing people at Barnet Council, who have turned the streets of Mill Hill into an amazing gallery of modern artwork. Many less enlightened council vandalise such amazing sights by painting over them etc, but here in Barnet we love to encourage the young to express themselves and brighten our streets. The Barnet Eye is delighted to bring our gallery of some of the best of these to you!

1. We start with this amazingly colourful piece on the wall of the alley between Millway and Glendore Gardens. I love the way the light shimmers through the trees  onto the piece. I congratulate the artist on their amazing use of scene to bring out the best of what would otherwise be a dull concrete wall.

2. Just around the corner as we walk to the M1 overbridge, we have this amazing piece. Whereas #1 is all colour, this juxtaposes brilliantly with its monochrome tones. 

3. Then we have this amazing piece of sculpture on Hale Lane. This is entitled "Broken post" and symbolises the ethos of Barnet Council and the administration. There is an old saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". Barnet Council have a new saying "If it is broke, leave it there for the enjoyment of residents".

4. Many see telecoms junction boxes as bland eyesores. Fortunately the artists of Mill Hill see them as a canvas for their amazing work. Whilst many councils cover up such amazing talent, in Barnet, we make sure residents can enjoy it. 

5. I love this piece at the top of Lillie Lane. What was an old, flytipped panel has become a bold statement. By turning the piece on its head, it represents the way the old standards of civic pride have been turned upside down and now we glory in destruction and decay as a society. Truly awesome.

6. Another amazing sculpture courtesy of Barnet Council. Whilst most councils ensure that their street signs are straight and upright, all over Barnet we have examples just like this, boldly making the statement "This council is not straight with you and we do not stand for upright people"

7. This is another example of a brilliant piece of artwork on a telephone junction box on Bunns Lane. The artist has a witty and intelligent riposte to the statement by BT that Fibre Broadband is here!

8. In the Flower Lane section of Mill Hill Park, you can see this awesome piece by Mill Hill's answer to Picasso. Like the great master, there is stunning use of colour and form.

9. Mill Hill is lucky not only to have it's own answer to Picasso, here is Mill Hill's answer to Andy Warhol. I love the crafted brashness of the statement "Bam Bam".

10. Finally, just down the road from the Shul on Station Road we have this amazing piece that brings together fine art and sculpture. I wondered if possibly this was the work of Tracy Emin? It is simply perfect. The broken stones, the discarded burger box and the insightful message "Snad Noke". 

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