Sunday 9 September 2018

The Tweets of The Week in The London Borough of Barnet - 9/9/2018

It's Sunday, so it's the Tweets of the Week!
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I've been on my hols in Portugal this week, so lets see what I've missed?

1. Where else should we start but in Burnt Oak. But why is it called Burnt Oak? The mystery is solved

2. Our historical tweet of the week. Rather fetching picture of an old trolley bus

3. If you care about the future of our Borough, this may be the most important tweet you read this week

4. Inside Mill Hill think Barnet Council need to fix the park benches in Mill Hill Park, we agree

5. In perhaps the strangest tweet of the week, ex Barnet Mayor and disgraced convicted criminal Brian Coleman reveals that he doesn't support pro active action to prevent the sale of alcohol to minors by unscrupulous shopkeepers

6. A date for your diary in Finchley

7. Live music and community spaces are important. And they are great when both come together, as they have done in Cricklewood this weekend

8. Fancy a bit of folk music in Colindale?

9. Got £3 to spare? @BArnet_rebel has some sound investment advice for you!

10. Live in Mill Hill? Want to learn to sing like Rita Ora? Well here's how!

That's all folks!

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