Saturday 1 September 2018

The Saturday List #186 - The ten best ways to annoy me with trivial inconsideration

Do you want to annoy me? There are ten ways that are sure to work very well

1. Sit next to me on the train and talk loudly on your mobile phone
2. Park across our drive, especially when picking up your kids from the nursery and then say "I was only in there for five minutes" when rebuked for being so selfish
3. Drop litter on the street in front of me
4. Let your dog poo in the park and don't pick it up
5. Be rude to waiters in restaurants in my earshot
6. Stop in the middle of Mill Hill Broadway, put on your hazard lights and go the cash point when my car is behind you
7. Leave your bag on a seat when the train is crowded and look grumpy when asked to move it
8. Jump the queue at the pub by vigorously waving a tenner and not being honest when asked "who's next"
9. Not getting up for pregnant or old ladies whilst sitting in the specially designated chairs on the tube
10. Driving around listening to awful music at top volume in your car with all the windows open, outside my house at 3am

What are your top ten bugbears?

Have a great weekend!

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