Sunday 30 September 2018

The Tweets of the Week in the London Borough of Barnet - 30/9/2009

We are nearly at the end of September. The days are sunny and the nights are chilly. What has been tickling the fancy of the Tweeters of Barnet this week? Here is my round up.

By the way, I was harangued earlier this week for choosing "Bland, non political tweets for my selection". This is a deliberate policy. Sunday is my day off from Politics and the day when I choose to look for what is interesting in Barnet beyond such issues. It is a chance to give a platform to a few great organisations and to give a little window into what tickles our fancy as a community. If anyone wants to see a roundup of political tweets, then why not start your own blog and do it! Don't moan about my personal choices!

1. How could I possibly start with any other tweet this week!

2. Mark Amies AKA Superfast72 has been working like a Trojan to Save The Railway in Edgware. He deserves our support. Follow this man on Twitter!

3. This really has broken my heart. An amazing local shop, run by great guys. I am so angry that a greedy Landlord could do this

4. This is a sentiment we thoroughly agree with

5. There may be some of our readers in Burnt Oak who would wish to be aware of this. Basically it is called conning the public.

6. I think we can safely say that Joseph enjoyed his Salted Egg Yolk Molten Lava Buns. Maybe I may try them later!

7. Click the link and checkout these amazing causes

8. Fancy an evening of conceptual absurdity in Finchley? Check this out now!

9. Sadly no marrows on show, but there is a rather fetching Vole and a rather georgeous Jay

10. And finally, we hope to see you all next Saturday at this event. I'll be manning the sound system between 3-4pm, so please come along and say Hi

That's all folks!

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