Monday, 15 June 2020

What would you most like to see improved in Mill Hill?

Today we see the return of many of our local High Street shops. The Barnet Eye has been campaigning for the last twelve years for a better local environment. Today we ask you what you would most like to see. The survey is 100% anonymous, you don't have to give us any details, just your opinions on what improvements you'd like to see made. We will be sharing these with Barnet Council, our local MP, Thameslink, TFL as appropriate. We really need as many people as possible to give us their opinions, so we can have the ammunition to ask. This initiative is solely the work of the Barnet Eye blog and the purpose is to find out what really concerns people locally.

Please give us five minutes of your time to let us know.

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Anonymous said...

I would like you to put bigger signs telling these white vans that come top of woodcote Avenue to turn around znd the cars that shouldnt be up here turning around its ridiculous we have polish and eastern european number plates on the vans we even have furniture lorries coming to the top and turni g round they drive up over pavements go right onto peoples drives they are breaking all the pavements again it just isnt fair PUT BIGGER SIGNS SO THEY CAN BE SEEN also a lot of these people driving these foreign vsns are stealing stuff from down sides of peoples houses our next door neighbous daughter had her babies buggy stolen from outside her house it was at top of drive near her front door. After all its costing us residents a lot of money for security for cameras and alarms.
Please sort it out it is most annoying. After all if my car or anybody elses cars get bashed they drivers of white vans are not going to pay are they as they have foreign numbrr plates

Anonymous said...

Given that Mill Hill East tube station now has a lift in operation I think its high time Mill Hill Broadway overground station got one too. They must have many more passengers that MHE Tube station.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree mill Hill broadway to become wheelchair accessible like Mill Hill East has . Also shops in the broadway to become more accessible as so many have steps so not able to get in . The parks and woods full of rubbish maybe add more bins and dog bins

Helen L said...

I second that