Monday, 14 September 2020

Environment Monday - Pollution and Covid 19 - The reason the death rate has plummeted?

 The big mystery in the UK is why we have seen soaring covid19 infection rates in the last few weeks, but this has not been reflected with a rise in hospital admissions. I've seen a stack of explanations, but one thing has not been mentioned. It is a well documented fact that pollution weakens our immune system and suppresses our response to infection. During lockdown, we saw unprecedently low pollution in our cities. In some streets, this was so low that the monitors reported faults. Now I am not a scientist, I have no statistics to back up my claims, but surely this relationship must be investigated. Many people who have had all manner of chronic respiratory disease reported significant improvement during lockdown when the air was at its cleanest. Has the break in the daily assault on our lungs given our bodies breathing space to recover. We really need to put pressure on the government to see if pollution was a factor in the death rate  and the massive reduction has contributed to us now seeing a far lower rate as infection rates rise. I am making no claims, just asking for some serious scientific research into what seems to me to be a very obvious link.

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