Sunday, 20 September 2020

The Tweets of the Week in the London Borough of Barnet -20/09/2020

 So what have our local tweeters been up to this week? What has been happening in our corner of paradise?

1. I always find this sort of local story fascinating

2. Nice to see there is some culture locally!

3. The highlight of Clarence Mitchell's career IMHO was when he wrote the local music column in the Barnet Times! Here is a slightly less well known story he coverd ;) He's a good guy, always very supportive of local bands

4. This is a story we've been following in this feature for far too long. It seems like there is some news


5. Seems like some repairs are urgently needed to Edgwares roads


6. How are your fruit and veg doing? Donalds are looking in fine fettle!


7. This is a very sad reminder of the loss of agenius


8. Need a test, you can get one today at Brent Cross if you hurry


9.We agree


10. Support your local artists. Why not commission a work? Our local music studios have



That's all folks!


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