Friday 4 September 2020

National Fish and Chips Day - Mill Hill's favourite chippy!

 At the Barnet Eye we love our food. One of our favourite treats is a nice portion of Fish and Chips. In association with the Inside Mill Hill facebook page, we ran an unofficial poll of Mill Hill's favourite fish and chip shop. We invited locals to cast their votes and they did this in their hundreds. 

The poll is still running, so it is not to late to have your say, but there is a very clear leader at the moment. It is the King Neptune in the Green Man. 

As you can see, a fair number of people added their own favourites, and we also got a plethora of comments in favour of local's favourites. I've used all of the top three and I think they are all excellent. 

The King Neptune has been around for a very long time and has been consistently good over this time, so deserve their place at the top of the tree, although having Booba's around the corner keeps them on their toes. In recent years, I've used Cannons in Mill Hill Broadway, which I quite like and is the most convenient. It is currently undergoing refurbishment and I hope it returns soon. When my children used to swim for Copthall, we'd use Nicks in Salcombe Gardens, now known as Frydays. 

Maybe we should organise a Fish and Chips night, when Covid is behind us, get samples from all of them and do a blind tasting! Maybe a quiz to raise money for Colindale Foodbank? One thing is clear, the locals of Mill Hill love their fish and chips.

There's still time to cast your vote, so head over to the Inside Mill Hill Facebook page it has been great to learn of some other great chippies in the locality from the comments and it is lovely that people are so passionate about it. 

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