Sunday 3 April 2022

The Tweets of the Week in the London Borough of Barnet 3rd April 2022

 I've had a busy week No band rehearsal as Fil has covid, but went to Southend to see 10CC on Friday and on the London International Ska Festival Ska Cruise up and down the River Thames last night. London looked simply wonderful, don't you agree?

Anyway, enough of me, what have our local Tweeters been up to? Here is my pick of the best local tweets

1. Shocking news from just over the border in the Borough of Harrow. This caught my eye. Whatever next????

2. I've no idea what this tweet says, but the pictures of the terraces at Edgware Town FC are evocative (actually I ran it through the Turkish/English translator and its says "White lion ground stadium vacated by edgware town, one of the english regional league teams, in 2008. The club currently uses the higher capacity silver jubilee park stadium."

3. a date for your diary if you live in Colindale and like folk music

4. A decent local historical tweet. Also a reminder that protesting does work. Women only achieved this after a long campaign for voting rights

5. A nice bit of local history from Cricklewood.

6. Did you know of the important role Cricklewood played in the development of electronic music. Funny to think that at the time this was super state of the art!

7. I love the effort Lou puts into her Hadley tweeting. You have to smile. Yesterdays win was probably one of the best second halfs I've ever seen, and yes, Solomon Ofori is a legend

8. Nice pic!

9. And we love a nice Sunset!

10. Want a souvinir of a British Music legend for free!

That's all folks!

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