Sunday, 10 April 2022

The tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet 10th April 2022

 I've had a pretty frustrating week. Our wonderful internet provider has ceased our business internet, due to a cock up and have been unable to restart it. This has caused a lot of  problems for me, both in business and blogging.  I do hope your week has been less frustrating. Without further ado, here is our round up of what our local tweeters have been up to.

1. Lets start with our fave Rugby club and one of our favourite restaurants. These are both pillars of the Mill Hill Community

2. After three years, it's back, with an absolutely blinding gig at our favourite Golf Club

3. As ever brilliant tweeting from the Mill Hill Historical Society

4. Nice bit of Cricklewood history, I think we all love a crisp!

5. That's not Vinny Jones, that's Skinner and Twitch and they look wonderful. Check them out

6. If there was a more wonderful picture of our neighbourhood taken this week, I certainly haven't seen it

7. What more could you possibly want!

8. These guys deserve a shout out. Wonderful work!

9. On occasion I would play football for The Royal Scot in the Hendon and District Sunday League. I recall one massive punch up with Cygen FC during a pre season 'friendly', I miss it

10. And lets finish with a wonderful date for your diary

That's all folks!

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