Tuesday 26 April 2022

The Daily Mail is supporting Tory misogynists rather than common decency

Misogyny is rife right across the Tory party and has been for years. The latest outbreak is truly disgusting. The fact that 'unnamed MP's' have briefed in such a revolting way about Labours MP Angela Rayner is something that in this day and age is totally unacceptable. What makes me sick is the fact that there is a massive story here. It is nothing to do with Angela Rayner. It is the fact that Tory MP's are prepared to come out with such vile crap to national papers and that they are prepared to print it. 

If the Daily Mail had any principles at all, they would have named and shamed the MP's who tried to plant the story. It is clearly in the public interest. I would not want to vote for such vile individuals and I doubt that too many Tories would. If the Mail had a shred of decency, they could nip this in the bud by putting the MP's on the front page. Then we'd get a grovelling apology and voters would be given the opportunity at the next election to cast their verdict. By witholding the names, the Mail is simply serving a bunch of sexist, male chauvanist pigs. 

Then there is the Tory Party. It is beyond belief that the whips don't know who did it. Anyone who knows the workings of Westminster, knows that any Tory MP thick enough to say such a thing would not do so without the nod from the whips. There are only really two possible explanations. One is the whips knew and are now trying to shut it down. The other is that they've lost their grip on both the Tory party and their common sense. If I was them, I'd be making it my business to know. Of course they will try and cover it up, but no sane person should think they don't know. If Boris was good to his word, he'd call them in, find the culprits and make them apologise. Of course he won't.

Earlier today, I wrote a blog concerning former Conservative West Hendon Councillor, who recently joined the Lib Dems. It is pretty clear to anyone that she wasn't 'one of the boys' and fell victim to the well known misogyny in the Barnet Tories, that saw other former female councillors humiliated by their male colleagues, Kate Salinger springing to mind as a prime example. Make no mistake, the party is riddled with this from top to bottom. What Angela Rayner has had to put up with happens at every level of the Tory Party. Over recent months, we've had the vile spectacle of Tory Bigwig Brian Coleman attacking Labour GLA rep Anne Clarke. I was so revolted that I made the unusual step of supporting a political opponent on Twitter.

We need some decency in politics and if women can't stand without these revolting attacks, then our councils and parliament will find itself shorn of 50% of the most talented people in the land. The conecpt that this goes with the gig is plain wrong. Stopping this is one reason why I am standing and one reason why I am proud to share a platform with the Donna Pickup who is an excellent candidate and I am sure will do an amazing job for the people of Mill Hill. It will also send a message to these dinosaurs. The council elections in May is an ideal opportunity to send both the local and national Conservatives a strong message that this won't do. And as for the Daily Mail. Don't touch it with a bargepole.

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