Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Barnet Council are failing our young people - Wholesale sell off of sports facilities

I noticed this advert on page 28 of the Hendon Times

Yes, at this time when young people all over London have been rioting, Barnet Council are selling off the facilities which may give them a useful or creative outlet for their energies. In the week in which we launched the petition to save Mill Hill Sports club, we see the social vandalism of this Tory regime at it's worst. Do they ever wonder why we have social problems and youth crime. These facilities should be preserved and cherished as vital parts of our community, not flogged off with positive encouragement to build yet more rabbit hutch flats.

As if the whole sorry tale couldn't get any worse, I then clicked the link to the Barnet Online commercial properties page -

Imagine my despair to see these adverts?

Community Centre to let
Grange Community Centre, Red Lion Hill, N2 8EB

  • Type: A single storey community centre of around 167sq metres, (1805 sq feet) located within a residential area. Suitable for community and other uses - subject to planning
  • Expression of interest to: Amin Soorma
  • Tel: 020 8359 7367
  • Email:
  • Grange Community Centre  Help on Downloading PDFs (PDF: 486KB)

Land for Sale Former Watling Boys Club, Dryfield Road, Burnt Oak, Edgware HA8 9JU
  • Type: We are offering for sale, by way of non-binding tender, the freehold interest in  the site of this former community use property which is suitable for redevelopment, subject to planning permission. Site Area Approximately 0.335 hectares (0.828 acres)
  • Location: The site is located on the northern side of Dryfield Road approximately 130 metres north of the Deansbrook Road
  • Expressions of interest to: Richard Malinowski, Property Services on:
  • Tel: 020 8359 7539
  • Email:
  • Former Watling Boys Club (June 10) Help on Downloading PDFs (PDF: 163KB)

Community Centre for let - Noel Lounge, Great Field, Grahame Park Estate, Colindale, NW9 5TS (under offer)
  • Type: A well constructed single storey community building with a gross internal area of 380 sq feet (35.30 sq meters) and in need of some work
  • Location: The property is situated adjacent to the Noel residential block and close to The Concourse on the Grahame Park Estate.
  • Expressions of interest to Amin Soorma, Property Services on:
  • Closing date for tenders 25 February 2011
  • Noel Lounge Community Centre (Jan 2011) Help on Downloading PDFs (PDF: 396KB)

Large Community Hall for let - Market Lane (off Watling Avenue, Burnt Oak HA8 (under offer)
  • Type: A large community hall measuring 1,951 sq ft with outside space.
  • Location: Adjacent to Burnt Oak’s commercial area and near to Burnt Oak Underground Station.
  • Expressions of interest to Simon Shaer, Property Services on:
  • Market Lane former scout hall (July 2009) Help on Downloading PDFs (PDF: 428KB)

Pavilion to let - West Hendon Playing Fields, Goldsmith Avenue, West Hendon, NW9 7EU (UNDER OFFER)
  • Type: A two storey pavilion which can be let as a whole or in part for a variety of uses that may include a park cafĂ©, community, leisure or business space uses (subject to planning)
  • Location: The property is located in West Hendon, west of the Edgware Road and Brent Reservoir and is accessed from Goldsmith Avenue.
  • Expressions of interest to Simon Shaer, Property Services on:
    • Tel: 020 8359 7357
  • West Hendon Pavilion (July10) Help on Downloading PDFs (PDF: 314KB)
Words fail me. As cuts bite, what are these madmen doing? It is completely sick. I am totally disgusted to see the decimation of these facilities in some of Londons worst areas of social depravation. These are just the sort of facilities we desperately need as we battle social unrest, drugs and violence on the streets of our Borough.

I cannot possibly find the words to adequately describe my disgust at our council. I cannot describe my contempt for the people who make such crass decisions. And what makes me feel physically sick is the way buffoons like Brian Coleman, the man responsible for inflicting this anti family, anti society right wing dogma, never take any responsibilty for the mess they cause, as they sit in their church subsidised flat, siphoning over £114,000 from the public coffers for a string of non jobs. The man can find £400,000 from Boris Johnson to do up a churchyard in affluent Chipping Barnet ( )
  -, subsidising private business, whilst these vital community facilities are flogged off, lock stock and two smoking barrels to pay for his allowances. Sick, JF sick


Mr Mustard said...

I think we already know Roger that our ruling councillors are utterly stupid and that is why they do such things. My evidence - One Barnet.

ainelivia said...

... and no doubt these facilities will now be let/sold off for uses that exclude sections of our community for reasons of religion etc.... as is the Garden Centre... seems the certain sections gain is the general communities loss... no surprises there then...