Thursday, 11 August 2011

Brian Coleman sneaks through cashless parking in Barnet whilst London burns

It is truly unbelieveable. Brian Coleman has snuck through the abolition of pay and display parking in Barnet, whilst everyone is on holiday. He signed the order last Friday. This has been done under delegated powers, with no democratic debate whatsoever. From September, there will be no pay and display machines in Barnet.

The full details are here :-

Even local Tories are shocked. One promenant local Tory and former councillor said
"This is going to be a political catastrophe and revenue is going to SLUMP. Mark my words, this is poll tax on wheels... If the SPA income increases it won't be from parking fees but fines"

Brian Coleman must be the only Londoner who wlecomed the riots as he probably thought we were all looking the other way and he could sneak this through and we wouldn't notice. If you notice, the issue date is the 10th August (see dates on the report here - very fishy)

According to the date on the report, Coleman signed this on the Friday 5th, the day before the riots started, but it supposedly took the council until Weds 10th to actually publish the report. Rather interesting timing. I would say I smell a rat, but we all know they are in the Barnet Council datacentre chomping away on the cables.

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