Saturday, 20 August 2011

Letter from Andrew Dismore regarding Riots & Police & Brian Coleman AM's response

Dear Editor,

After the riots, there is a clear consensus amongst the public, that the Conservative–led coalition Government’s cuts to the Metropolitan  Police are ill-thought out, dangerous and should be cancelled. Belatedly, even the Mayor has questioned the cuts ( though the officer numbers he proposes for the Met are still a cut,  and SNT sergeants are still being reduced, with 9 fewer in Barnet and Camden). However, we have heard nothing on this from the Tory GLA member for Barnet and Camden. We already know he made no written representations to the Met about the cuts before the riots. Where does he stand now? Does he agree with the Government that the cuts should proceed? Or does he now intend to properly reflect the views of the people he is supposed to represent and oppose the cuts? It is not normally Brian Coleman’s line to keep quiet about anything!

And whilst he may rightly praise the fire-fighters for their work during the riot, will he bring back into service the fire engines he has locked away from them? And will he  resist any more transfers of millions out of the fire budget to the police as happened earlier this year, which is just robbing Peter to pay Paul? We need our fire service just as much as the police!

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Dismore
Labour London Assembly candidate for Barnet and Camden

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