Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Barnet Datagate scandal - How many Barnet Councillors bothered to read the email

Just a quick update. You may remember that at the weekend I emailed all Barnet Councillors regarding the problems with the Datacentre (rats eating cables, sprinklers switched off, no disaster recovery, data insecure).

How many have so far actually read the email (I put a read response on and asked that they respond).

Tories  - 19 (52%)
Labour - 11 (47%)
LibDem - 3(100%)

I believe they all get blackberries, tablets and laptops as part of the package for being a councillor. A very poor show generally, given that it was marked urgent. Details of the emails here. Three Councillors returned out of office responses (all Tory)

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baarnett said...

Roger's changed the side column on this web site from friendly green to austere grey...

Is this his view of Barnet now?