Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Message from Deputy Leader of Barnet Council regarding riots

The Deputy Leader of Barnet Council praised Barnet police this morning for their prompt action overnight.
“Barnet escaped the worst of last night’s violence, in large part due to the very prompt action taken by the borough’s police. But there was still a level of criminality that was completely unacceptable to Barnet’s residents.
“Obviously these are going to be some difficult nights for London. We all need to follow the advice of the police and stay in this evening so they can do their job. In particular I trust that Barnet parents will keep their children with them this evening and make sure they are not out and running the risk of getting caught up in criminality or hampering the police as they deal with potential disturbance.
“Local businesses should follow the Metropolitan Police’s advice, which is available on our website.
“Over the next few days we need to make sure that those who have despoiled London in this way are properly punished and anyone with any information that could lead to prosecution should speak to the police.”
Barry Rawlings, Deputy Leader of Barnet Labour Group, said: “I want to make it clear that members of all sides of the political divide in Barnet will be working together with the police and the community as London copes with this civil disturbance.
“I support the decision of the police to encourage everybody to stay indoors this evening and in particular to make sure that parents have their children with them.
“Barnet is made up of strong communities and its these communities that will pull together to make sure that this level of criminal behaviour is unacceptable to them all.”

This is taken from Barnet Council Website - original message here

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