Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Barneteye - site redesign

If you are a reqular visitor to the site, you will notice that some things have changed. We've done a bit of a revamp. We've got rid of the garish green and replaced it with a subtle grey. There are two reasons for this a) It's easier to read and b) You are less likely to get spotted skiving reading the blog at work with a more toned down colour.

I've also rearranged the various links, so that they are all together, tidied up the titles, removed some obsolete links and generally done a bit of housekeeping. I've also changed the titles of the Twitter feeds, as people were commenting that they didn't know who these people were (a worrying sign really).

I've also added a weather forecast for London from the BBC. I hope it's easier to navigate around. And in reply to Mr Mustards question, does the change reflect a new, austere Barnet? Nope. If I'd done it to reflect Barnet I'd have chosen brown for the colour, as that most accurately reflects where we are with this council.

And if you don't like it. Tough.

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