Thursday, 18 August 2011

Matthew Offord MP

As most Hendon residents (who read this blog) will know, your local MP, Matthew Offord is on holiday in Belize. I think it is important to state that MP's, like everyone else, are allowed to go on holiday. If Matthew left before the riots broke out and only found out when it is impractical to get back, then we take no issue with him and hope he thoroughly enjoyed his break.

If, as he has said, he was assisting with counter terrorism, anti narcotics intelligence and hurricane preparations, then this is a commendable way to spend his break. A question was asked as to his experience for dealing with this, of the chair of the Hendon Conservatives, who helpfully replied that he's a member of the national geographic society. Again this is highly commendable.

As such, the Barnet Eye is looking forward to Matthew's return, when he will doubtlessly answer all of the questions posed about the trip. We then look forward to giving him a ringing endorsement for all of his hard work, on behalf of the people of the tropical haven of Belize.


APML said...

Does anybody know when our highly esteemed an over worked MP returns from saving the world..??

baarnett said...

Isn't it supposed to be this weekend?

Smoke bombs explode on the grass reservation of The Ridgeway. Two helicopters clatter overhead, a thin rope is lowered, Soupermp descends in the confusion, dressed in black, his eyes darting around for trouble.

A powerful motorbike suddenly arrives, and Soupermp hands over "What I did in Belize" and "My Hurricane Predictions" scrapbooks. The rider shouts, "The Met Office thanks you, brave warrior!", and roars off.

A sleak limo drives on to the scene, hardly noticed, its headlights cutting into the smoke. "The Constituency Office, quickly!" exclaims Soupermp, and it glides away.

It is quiet again. The smoke slowly disperses. All that is left is a Cup-A-Soup carton, the only sign that he has returned, and that Hendon is safe again.

APML said...

Captain Crouton The dynamic warrior and savior of planet Earth..