Friday, 26 August 2011

The Friday Joke 26/8/2011 from the One Barnet joke book

Q: In OneBarnet, how many Barnet Council Employees does it take to change a lightbulb?

A: None, because there won't be any, but it will take a head of legal services to instruct a Lawyer to draw up the contract with the firm to change the lightbulb, a senior vendor manager to manage the team of vendor managers, who manage the contract to change the lightbulb, a team of accounts payable staff to process the invoice to change the lightbulb and a team of senior executives to make sure all of this happens. Oh and there will be a whole team of consultants on £1,500 a day to design the "changing a lightbulb process", not to mention the team managing the "changing the lightbulb risk assessment" or the team managing the "change a lightbulb call centre".

Oh yes then there's the team of senior managers overseeing the transfer of employment of the bloke who changes the lightbulb for Barnet to the outsourced company, and the team of lawyers drawing up the contract
to make sure he isn't shafted too badly.

Yes, I know, jokes are meant to be funny. Sorry.

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MickeyN said...

....and what about the Internal Auditors needed to investigate when the bloggers discover that the above-mentioned have cocked it all up? Unless of course Internal Audit has been outsourced, in which case you have to go back to the lawyers drafting the audit contract etc etc etc