Monday, 22 August 2011

Ed Milliband, the best Labour Leader since Michael Foot

Bumped into an old friend last night for a pint. Dougless is a man of high principle and a lifelong trades unionist. We were discussing the riots, their causes and the fallout. Dougless was highly impressed by the thoughtful response of Ed Milliband. He is pleased that Labour have chosen a leader who is more concerned with providing an intelligent analysis than a sharp soundbite. He said that his response to Cameron in the commons reminded him of the statesman like performance of Michael Foot in the commons debate, when Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands. I asked "So you're saying he's the best Labour leader since Michael Foot". Dougless replied "I suppose he is, when you put it like that. He certainly is in terms of intelligence and integrity, although John Smith was also very good".

Sadly, I suspect that many Conservatives will also agree with his assessment. I suspect that 85% of Labour supporters would say Blair was the worst ever Labour leader. His record in elections - won 3, lost 0. Unsurpassed by any of them. I'm not a fan of Blairism and consider it a massive missed opportunity. The harsh truth is that you cannot do anything in opposition, other than  talk with intelligence and integrity and let the government nick your best ideas.


ainelivia said...

at last someone getting behind Ed, and i agree with Douglas.

baarnett said...

We can assume that Matthew Offord, the best Belize hurricane and anti-terrorism expert since a lump of putty, is now back, protecting us.

Maybe he could be sent that list of questions on a recent post of yours, Roger, and we might expect some answers.

APML said...

No chance.Now that Gaddafi has fallen the UN could do with a piece of Manuel Offord,s expertise advising the TNC on re-building Libya....!!!!

baarnett said...

"There are major queues at soup stations, and it requires a major soup distribution effort, particularly of Cream of Tomato," Mr Offord said.

"Rebuilding of soup refinery facilities will come slowly, but large quantities of mulligatawny should be available by the end of the year."