Wednesday, 19 September 2012

A motivational message for every Barnet Campaigner !

Believe. Believe in what we can achieve working together. Barnet, for all it's faults, has turned into an absolute model of community cohesion. What other Borough would you see squatters, library campaigners, members of occupy and local business people standing shoulder to shoulder to improve the community?

Some of us are from faith communities, some of us are not. Some of us were born in Barnet, some of us were not. Some of us have jobs, some of us don't. Some of us are able bodied, some of us aren't.

We all treat each other with respect and we all want to see Barnet be a great place to live, a great place to bring up children and a great place to grow old. Some of us may have slightly different visions of what this will be, but I hope we all agree that libraries, good public services, fair treatment of business owners by the local council and openness and transparancy in government are the way forward.

For me personally, there are certain fundamental rights I think every citizen should expect

* Enough food and drink to thrive
* A roof over our head and warmth
* An education, where we learn to read, write and appreciate our beautiful planet
* The opportunity to believe in what faith what we like (or not) and practice that faith, unless the practicing of that faith in some way harms another human being or interferes with their personal freedom
* The right to be able to go where we want to go , unless the exercising of that right in some way harms another human being or interferes with their personal freedom, employment or fundamental happiness
* The right to democratically decide how we are governed

I hope you agree. If you don't, please leave a comment and tell me why?

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