Thursday, 13 September 2012

FoI response from Richard Cornelius regarding downgrading of domestic violence and abuse team

In a recent DPR, there was an implication that Barnet Council was downgrading support for victims of domestic abuse. The leader of the council, Richard Cornelius has responded. I have published the letter in full, as I believe the issue to be very important.

It appears on the face of it that Barnet Council are committed to maintaining this service. I would urge anyone suffering from domestic violence or abuse in Barnet, to contact the relevant department and seek to ensure that you are safe ASAP.

I hope this information is of some use to anyone who is concerned with such issues. I believe that it is an important role for local bloggers to ensure that members of the public in Barnet are kept fully up to speed with all services that the council can offer, especially in situations which are potentially life threatening. I would like to see the council work with local blogs etc to develop awareness of these services.

Cornelius Letter

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