Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Two major events in Barnet tonight, please try and attend

There are two major events in the Borough of Barnet tonight. Please try and attend and lend you support to YOUR community.

The first is at Hendon Town Hall at 6.30pm. The Barnet Alliance for Public services have organised a lobby of the Council meeting. It is vital that everyone in Barnet shows their support for the campaign to inject some common sense into the policies of Barnet Council. This will only happen when our councillors see that the community rejects expensive and stupid policies. The council is employing an army of tax avoiding consultants, to frame a project designed to to generate huge profits at our expense for multinational companies. There has been no public debate or consultation. The bloggers of Barnet have rumbled the ruse, yet the council takes no notice at all. That is why we need your support.

The second thing that is happening is very close to my heart. Myself and film director Charles Honderick are making a film. It is a follow up to A Tale of Two Barnets. The premier is on 22nd October at the Phoenix Theatre. We are interviewing local people to try and find out what sort of place The London Borough of Barnet is in the year 2012. Helen Michael, the owner of Cafe Buzz in Finchley, has very kindly thrown her doors open to us, for a fundraising event, to pay for the costs of putting the film together. The film will only happen with your support. If you want to help us make the film, please come to Cafe Buzz. We will be there between 7pm and 11pm. There will be live music from Charles Hondericks band "The Hamptons" and my band "The False Dots". Both sets will be acoustic. For us, this will be the first unplugged set since the Old Bull Arts Centre in 1985 ! We will also have a big jam. We invite any poets and other local musicians down to join in the fun and do a couple of numbers. We have a whole evening to fill. Entrance is free, we will simply pass the bucket around. It will also be a chance to sign up to appear in the film. I promise an evening of great entertainment. Be part of it.

Please support us in whatever way you can. Try and attend one or both of these events and support your local community. 

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