Saturday, 22 September 2012

Helen Michael assault latest

Helen Michael with fractured wrist
As readers who have been following this blog will know, I've spent a fair bit of time recently at Cafe Buzz with Helen Michael, who was victim of an alleged assault on Thursday afternoon. Helen has been badly shaken up by the incident and is highly appreciative of all the support from the community, including the flowers and cards.

Yesterday evening as she was closing the cafe (after a truly bizarre incident with a rather confused vicar), she sat down and had a coffee with myself and Paul Shea, who owns another business in the locality. Both Paul and I were extremely concerned that Helen had not had a medical checkup since the incident. She claimed that she hadn't had the opportunity, because she had been too stressed on Thursday evening and then had to open the Cafe at 6.30 am. She had been working all day. She informed us she was in excruciating pain where her wrist had been grabbed.

We suggested that she attend A&E and get it checked out. To my horror, I was later contacted by Helen who informed me that she has a broken bone in her wrist. As she is a chef in her cafe, this is a massive problem for her (on top of the pain). Helen is a tiny woman of slight build. I cannot see any possible excuse for this injury being caused. I trust that the person responsible for this injury is reflecting on what happened and will in the course of time come to regret his behaviour.

We understand that Mr Coleman has been instructed to not contact Ms Michael in any way, either personally or via a third party.


Morris Hickey said...

Whoever did it should be publicly horsewhipped.

baarnett said...

It's not been a good week for us plebs, and our treatment by arrogant politicians, has it?

baarnett said...

One Barnet consultants: "We look down on THEM, because we are upper class."

Barnet councillors: "We look up to THEM, because they say they know what they are doing, although we don't really understand, and they are upper class. However, we look down on THEM, because they are the plebs. We are middle class."

Plebs: [pause] "We know our place."

One Barnet consultants: "We get a feeling of superiority over THEM."

Barnet councillors: "We get a feeling of inferiority to THEM, (turning...) but a feeling of superiority over THEM."

Plebs: [pause] "We get a pain in the back of our necks."

Morris Hickey said...

Oh. And here am I thinking that Bwian is a pain well below the neck.