Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Lend me a shotgun

Perhaps the most important thing the Government does is run the NHS. Today the government has put Mr Jeremy Hunt in charge of it. Apparently this is his reward for "doing a good job with the Olympics". WTF. This is the bloke who has a massive questionmark over his head as culture secretary, for his behaviour with the BSkyB takeover. What on earth is David Cameron thinking. I can understand him perhaps not wanting to dump someone before all the questions have been answered, but to promote him and put him in charge of the NHS? Even more disturbing is why. Because he's "good on telly". A mere two months ago the man was viewed as a complete joke. Then the Olympics came along. How many medals did Mr Hunt win? How many atheletes did he train? All of the major contracts etc where in place before he got the job. The whole security situation went tits up and had to be rescued by the army at the last minute. Sure the BBC did a great job with the coverage, but they always do when it comes to national events. Mr Hunt has never been noted for his passionate support of the BBC (unlike Sky).

The person running the NHS should have a safe pair of hands and widespread respect. Mr Hunt has neither. If David Cameron, the Prime Minister can't figure that out lord help us. What about his other appointments. Back comes David Laws, who has major questionmarks over his judgement. Out goes Justine Greening, who has simply stuck by her pledges to the people who elected her. Andrew Lansley, Hunt's predecessor at the health, simply did his best to impose the Tories election pledges on health. Nice reward from Dave.

Then what about those who didn't go. Home secretary Theresa May allowed the country to dissolve into anarchy last summer, before she came home from holiday. Great judgement there. What else has she done of note. George Osborne, the chancellor, has lead us into a double dip recession. Great judgement there. Iain Duncan-Smith is the Work and Pensions secretary. Unemployment has risen and pensioners have been clobbered for tax. Great judgement there.

I turned 50 two weeks ago. With this lot in charge lord help me if I live another fifty years. If I get ill, get old or get into financial difficulties, I do have a plan. I'm going to visit my brother and rob him of his most treasured possession. What is that you may ask? It is his shotgun (held perfectly legally), because to be quite honest, I suspect that by the time this mob have finished with us, the alternative will be a slow, lingering, poverty stricken and squalid end.

Of course, the cruel bastards will never pass a law allowing us to end it all, will they. Cruel in life and cruel in death. Sickening.


Lindsay said...

I was hoping you were going to use that shotgun to rid the country of vermin. My fears for the NHS have increased.

APML said...

You`re the same age as me Roger and i was thinking exactly the same the other night about my fears in going into old age,prehaps Mr Hunt will do just as much of a good job selling off the NHS than he did selling off BskyB..

Morris Hickey said...

As one old enough to be your father, Rog T, I could mention a whole government full of dubious characters from Labour over the last 60+ years - but I'm sure it would do your blood pressure (already high?) no good, so I'll show fatherly kindness.

Rog T said...


I trust Mandleson would be near the top? I am not a member of the Labour party, mainly because of his ilk

Morris Hickey said...

Yes Rog - vying for the top position with two former PMs among others.

I was not suggesting that you are/were a member of the Lsbour party, merely naming them as the only other party of government in my lifetime. Indeed, after Camerclown's coalition, the third party has probably killed off its own prospect of ever forming a government.