Saturday, 1 September 2012

The Saturday List #13 - The Blogs of Barnet

If you've only ever heard of the famous five Barnet bloggers, you've been missing out on a whole world of fun. Here is as comprehensive a list as I could find of blogs in Barnet. Please feel free to add any others as comments and I'll put them in the list. They are not in any particular order. All of these are blogs I've looked at in the course of my research. Thought you might find something interesting in the list - What it says on the tin - Us - Vickim Morris - Don't Call Me Dave (currently resting) - John Dix AKA Mr Reasonable - Dan Hope - Derek Dishman AKA Mr Mustard - Theresa Musgrove AKA Mrs Angry - Councillor Robert Rams (Conservative Councillor) - Barnet Labour Party blog - Brian Coleman (possibly spoof) blog -  Spoof Conservative blog - ironic humour - Adam Langleben - Ricard Millet (ex Tory activist and zionist campaigner) - Matthew Harris (ex Lib Dem candidate for Hendon) - Brent Cross campaign blog - Punkham Way campaign blog - Barnet CPZ campaign blog - Unfair Parking campaign blog - Barnet museum blog - Mill Hill Broadway Blog (fairly inactive) - anti Barnet Eye blog (run by Tory Councillor) - Blog for Mill Hill Music Complex Studios - Mill Hill East blog - environmental issues - Colindale renewal blog - Environmental issues - Councillor Arjun Mittra's blog (Labour councillor) - Barnet Council Leaks blog - Commercial Blog - offers etc - Barnet Elizabethans chess club blog - Barnet 55+ blog - Hendon Green party blog - Hendon Gymnastic blogspot - Mill Hill Shul's Rabbi blog - Finchley Central Blog (inactive) - Finchley Womens Institue blog - What it says
- Rubbish dumping in Burnt Oak

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Citizen Barnet said...

To add to our collection: [though Elliot's at uni now so only in Barnet in holidays] - group blog of writers' group based in Finchley, with a blogroll that includes individual blogs.

And so it goes on!