Thursday, 19 August 2010

ALLOWANCEGATE : Alison Moore Callse Lynne Hillan a lame duck

Several thoughts occurred to me when I read this. Perhaps the only one I wish to share with you is when did Alison Moore start using Cockney rhyming slang to describe her Tory rivasls


baarnett said...

Current blog highlights:

Voting intentions of 20 Conservative councillors at

Bazarre video of "London Daily News" staff at

That is all. Carry on.

baarnett said...

"Bizarre", actually.

baarnett said...

And let us not forget the current Barnet Conservatives web site missive:

The new Members Allowance Scheme will be following the recommendations of the London Councils Scheme devised by Sir Rodney Brooke and will be frozen for four years. It will be within Budget, and at no extra cost to Barnet’s hard-pressed taxpayers.

“Life has changed for Members of the Council”, said Council Leader Cllr. Lynne Hillan.

Supporting the scheme, Cllr. Tom Davey added: “Councillors do a huge amount of work in their community and do their utmost to get the best for their residents. This scheme is a simple, transparent way of reflecting that.”

And from the Barnet Times:

Councillor Matthew Offord, deputy leader of the council [at the time of the Hale by-election in 2008], said that the election of the 21-year-old Tom Davey was the fruit of a deliberate policy to encourage young people to stand for the party.

So will Mr Davey (Assistant Cabinet Member for Children's Services, and Vice-Chairman of the Audit Committee) say that the "simple, transparent way" is now wrong, at the next Council meeting? AND vote for Lynne in the leadership election?