Thursday, 12 August 2010

Brian Coleman finally defeats Rog T

I admit it. After 6 years of trying, Councillor Brian Coleman, Barnet's very own Jabba The Hut has finally got the better of me. For years, I've been able to trump everyone I know, because I used to have "The Worst Job in the World" when I was a youngster. Many have tried to make claim to this, many have failed. I now must hand the crown over. In my blog yesterday, I revealed a communication from the offices of Brian Coleman at the GLA. Brian has beaten me. I must hand over my crown to :-

Juliet Donnelly
PA to Cllr Brian Coleman AM FRSA

I can think of no job I'd less rather do. I just hope that Juliet has a different view of Mr Coleman and the prospect of working for him than I do. well done to Brian for finally trumping me by creating this post.

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