Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Allowancegate : Lynne Hillan - The leader that doesn't listen

Council Leader Lynne Hillan has a blog called "Leader Listens". The solitary entry was made nearly six months ago and Hillan made this promise to the people of Barnet.

There will be no new posts to this blog until after the election. The only exception will be my expenses which I will post monthly.
The sad truth is that despite this promise, she hasn't. She's been too busy looking at ways of increasing her own income (when she's not been on holiday). Has she something to hide? Who knows. What we can say is that she made the voters of Barnet a promise and she broke it. Under the previous Leader, Mike Freer, he went out and about the Borough, meeting residents. He even set up a stall in Sainsburys in Golders Green one fine saturday morning. Well here's an invite to Lynne Hillan.  Come and do a Leader Listens roadshow in Mill Hill and invite the general public. See what they have to say about your huge allowance rise.


Broadway Blogger said...

Yes - we want a ROADSHOW in Mill Hill. It seems they are TOO FRIGHTENED to come to the Broadway !
Would be good to be able to question our troughers on their troughing habits and discuss the many wastes of taxpayers' money that are taking place at the moment.

baarnett said...

This could be organised on Mill Hill Broadway, and seven-hundred-year-old methods used:

Ordeal by fire :

The Cabinet Member must hold a red-hot iron bar and walk three paces. His/her hand will then be bandaged and left for three days. If the wound is getting better after three days, we will declare them innocent, at least till 2014. If the wound has clearly not got any better, they will be guilty.

Ordeal by water :

The Cabinet Member will be tied up and thrown into water. If he/she floats, we will declare them guilty.

Ordeal by combat :

The Cabinet Member must fight in combat with Roger. Whoever wins will be right. Whoever loses will usually be dead at the end of the fight.

The old ways are the best.

Mrs Angry said...

I like the way you are thinking, Baarnett ...
As to Leader Doesn't Listen ... the fact that this has not been updated for so long is symptomatic of the attitude of total disregard that this administration holds for the opinion of the electorate. It simply does not want to consult, debate, or be held accountable to the people who chose them to represent our community.

baarnett said...

Mrs. A:

More to the point, it is a waste of money - public money - having the wretched web site.

But then it was in Mike Freer's day as well - HE should have paid for it, out of his own, post-tax income.