Sunday, 22 August 2010

Happy Birthday to me !!!!

A great bit of Harp from Stevie Miller

And a great goal from Dennis Tueart + 11 other great Man City goals

And the New Rose promo video

And my second favourite Advert of all time

Nothing like a bit of self indulgence on a blog - Happy Birthday to me


Broadway Blogger said...

Happy Birthday Roger. Just want to say how appreciative I am and all the bands I work with for what you have done for us with your work. I am also appreciative of the way you have campaigned for the rights of ordinary people in our area regardless of party affiliation, race, religion or age.

Enjoy your birthday and I hope your family get you an expensive bottle of something to toast your health tonight from Mill Hill Wines !!!

Jaybird said...

Many happy returns Roger

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Rog. Have a truly indulgent and wonderful day!

ainelivia said...

Happy Birthday Roger, have a wonderful day

Citizen Barnet said...

Happy birthday to you!

Rog T said...