Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The Barnet Declaration - on Wiki


Together we can make a change


Please support the Barnet declaration. The people who made this necessary are counting on their opponents to start fighting, falling out and bickering. The vast majority of all members of all political parties in Barnet are totally opposed to the troughing that the allowance rise for senior councillors symbolises. The only weapon they have is to "divide and rule". Lets come together as a community to make a difference. If you do not support this declaration on the narrow grounds that you don't like someone else who supports it, you are supporting Coleman, Hillan et all by default. Don't give them that satisfaction


Anonymous said...

It's not ON wikipedia it is a wiki, so people can join for free and edit and suggest changes they think will make it better.

Please all join, and in a week or so we can take this to stage 2.

Rog T said...

Oops - these damn dyslexic bloggers. Corrected