Friday, 27 August 2010

Return to yet another sweet victory for common sense and the common man !

I've literally just walked in the door from a ten day break in the glorious resort of Sharm El Shiek in the Sinai peninsula. Apart from a couple of quick checks of the blog to remove spam comments etc and to make sure my forward posted blogs actually posted, I've been keeping away from the wonderful world of Barnet and it's politics.

It seems that people power is on a roll in Barnet. My first look at the Times group for ten days tells me that we've won another victory for the common man and common sense. Barnet Homes have backed down from their callous and heartless policy of kicking 83 year old Edward Meakins out of his home. Needless to say this blog fully supported Mr Meakins.

The people of Barnet are finding quite a taste for telling the people who set themselves up as the great and good and make callous decisions with no regard to the feelings of the people who pay their wages where to go.  If this blog and my efforts have played some small part in this, then it makes it all worth while

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baarnett said...

Welcome back!

Maybe you have noticed that, although Lynne is giving back her money, the committee chairs are all getting a 50% rise! See Barnet Bugle for the details.

And they, of course, vote in the upcoming leadership election.

But the two facts are not connected.