Saturday, 7 August 2010

pwosecuting pwostitutes with Bwian Coleman

Just been listening to my old mate Brian Coleman on the Ken Livingstone show. Brian Coleman is reviewing the press as we speak. He's just announced that he doesn't believe in "pwosecuting pwostitutes" and thinks that so long as that they operate from their homes and don't bother anyone, the police should leave them alone. Bwian thinks the police should concentrate their resources on "pumelling the pimps" who traffic young girls.

Well I agree with Bwian on this. Maybe he'd like to explain more to the tens of thousands of Barnet Eye readers in a guest blog.  I couldn't let this rare moment of unity pass without weminding Bwian that part of his defence against my standards complaint was that I stated he had an amusing speech impediment and he said that this was clearly a porkie. Have a listen. Anyw
ay here is an interesting clip of an ancestor of Brian Coleman, who clearly came fwom the same gene pool.


Mrs Angry said...

I'm not sure how much experience Bwian has in this field, but OMG I have to agree with him, to an extent, if he is talking about individual working for themselves in discreet fashion. If they really exist. There are, however, believe it or not,a huge number of brothels in this borough, especially in the ward in which he and I both live. What used to happen is that these were simply shut down and moved on, so the pimps just started up elsewhere, on another patch. All very well for crime statistics, marking up a success of sorts, but not such good news for the trafficked women who work in these places, especially when the pimps got off scott free. Now I understand there is more emphasis on trying to help the women. I hope so anyway.

Mrs Angry said...

Actually, thinking about it, this is an issue which our GLA members ought to be familiar with as it is happening in their consituencies right now and they should be doing something about it: are there not any GLA strategies to combat human trafficking in London? If not there ought to be, as presumably this is where most women end up. Rather than Boris worrying about bicycle routes and big red buses, perhaps he should be more worried about the human misery caused by this vile trade. It's not something you can just leave to the already underresourced police to deal with. Come on, Brian: here's a chance to redeem yourself - this is a real problem in your consituency, so let's see our AM do something about it.