Friday, 13 August 2010

Allowancegate : James Cleverly on Fat Cat Hypocrites

Tory GLA member James Cleverly yesterday berated Bob Crow on his "fat cat 12% payrise".

Well James, if you don't want to look like a complete hypocrite yourself, let's have a blog criticising your fellow GLA member Brian Coleman for his 100% allowance increase at Barnet Council.

If you can criticise Crow for a 12% increase, then surely Brian Coleman is 8 and a bit times worse !!!!

Come on James, take a stand against something where your views may actually carry a bit of weight

Lets face it, Brian Coleman is making you look like a bunch of berks (that's rhyming slang you know).


Jaybird said...

Actually Rog, Brian did not personally get a 100% increase. It is more like a 15% increase, depending on whose figures you use.

It was his friends and colleagues who got 100% increases.

Moaneybat said...

James "Cleverly" is that correct? Nothing Cleverly about his comments

baarnett said...

But what about the Bob Crow increase? Is anyone defending that?
(Although it is only a fraction of what the TfL senior managers get.)

Mrs Angry said...

breaking news: see the Times site and the Mark Shooter story - looks like it could be an interesting week: new leader, anyone?