Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Barnet legal team concede that Friern Occupiers had a license

I have come to the conclusion that the legal team working for Barnet commercial services division must be incompetent. This spells doom for the taxpayer with One Barnet contracts being discussed with top city lawfirms. The final damning evidence came today. The Friern Barnet library occupiers claimed that the negotiations with the council towards a community library constituted a license to occupy the building. Barnet say this is not the case. Unfortunately they have undermined their own argument by calling off the talks on the basis that the occupiers were using this as part of their defence. A council spokesman told the Hendon Times

"We have sought to keep an open dialogue with squatters through this process and we are disappointed that this discussion has been used to prevent the council assuming immediate control of a public asset....." "This will mean we cannot have any further discussions about a community library until the court case is finished."

In other words, the council has accepted the logic of the argument and has called off talks. Unfortunately, as many landlords find out, if you enter into an agreement, you cannot terminate it unilateraly. The Council may think that this has dug them out of a hole. In fact, they have dug an even bigger one. They should have simply claimed the talks did not represent a license and refused to concede the argument. Now they have conceded the point, the occupiers need prove nothing.

On another issue, the Barnet Eye will be launching an appeal, in association with other campaigners and bloggers, for a legal fighting fund for the case. This will be held in reserve should the council win and would cover any costs claims against participants in the case, who have assets which may be confiscated. We are looking for 1,000 Barnet residents to pledge £10. This will cover all expected liabilities. We are looking for a suitable home for the cash, when we win. This is the main bone of contention. Please watch here for more details.

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