Thursday, 4 October 2012

Nick Walkley leaves Barnet Council - One barnet in Tatters - Update

I have just been looking at my blog stats today, we've seen a huge number of hits, and it appears that many people associated with Companies making a fortune from the One Barnet program are putting in a late shift tonight. They clearly see the Barnet Eye as the only reliable news source at the moment.

Here are some statistics about hits on my blog since five pm (you'll be amazed at what you can see about our visitors).

For thos of you unfamiliar with blog stats. this tells me which page the vistor is looking at, what google search they did to find it and how they arrived. If it says "no referring link" it means they knew what to type in.  If you see Google and some words, that tells me what words they were searching on. These are just a few of our vistors. Could it be that bidders have been slightly disturbed by the sudden departure of Nick Walkley? Sorry for those of you who are non technical, I find this stuff fascinating

Trowers And Hamlins Llp ( [Label IP Address] 0 returning visits
United Kingdom FlagLondon, United Kingdom
Capita Business Services ( [Label IP Address] 13 returning visits
United Kingdom FlagLondon, United Kingdom
4 Oct17:08:22
4 Oct17:08:43
4 Oct17:36:59
4 Oct17:37:23
4 Oct17:39:50
4 Oct17:51:14
4 Oct18:01:07
4 Oct18:05:41
4 Oct18:06:22
Net For Customer Capita ( [Label IP Address] 4 returning visits
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom
(No referring link)
4 Oct17:42:40
(No referring link)
4 Oct17:44:45
4 Oct18:39:07
4 Oct18:39:59
(No referring link)
4 Oct17:40:59
4 Oct17:54:20
(No referring link)
4 Oct17:55:14
(No referring link)
4 Oct17:55:14
4 Oct18:02:25
Impower Consulting Limited ( [Label IP Address] 0 returning visits
United Kingdom FlagCamberley, Surrey, United Kingdom
(No referring link)
4 Oct17:28:56


Mr Mustard said...

I heard that Nick was big mates with the boss of Agilisys. If that is true their £250,000 a month might now face increased scrutiny or just be cut to £nil. Haringey will of course now inherit a load of Town Hall Tax Dodgers, consultants, serial department wreckers, Nick's favourite females etc.

I must check out the blogs of Haringey. You Haringey bloggers are going to be busy.

Mr Musatrd's predicition (I borrowed Mrs Angry's crystal ball). - a new programme for dealing with your problems will be born called One Haringey.

baarnett said...

"Slightly disturbed by the sudden departure of Nick Walkley?"

There is unexpectedly an insert for your new film, Roger. It shows Mr Walkley's "Deep Doo-Doo" departure, and the reaction of his close and loyal senior colleagues...

Morris Hickey said...

"...... the reaction of his close and loyal senior colleagues".

What - BOTH of them?