Monday, 22 October 2012

ITV News interviewing Helen Michael about parking as Brian Coleman is charged with assault

In perhaps the strangest of coincidences, at the very moment that Barnet Police were charging Brian Coleman with assaulting Helen Michael, she was being interviewed by ITV London Tonight News program about the dire effects of the parking policies Coleman introduced on local businesses.

Helan had been asked to turn her phone off for the duration of the interview, so was unaware initially of the breaking news story. The film crew were blissfully unaware of the breaking story.

The crew had arranged to interview myself as producer, Charles Honderick as Director, local blogger Mr Mustard and Helen as a news story concerning the release today of Barnet - The Billion Pound Gamble.

You will be able to see the interviews etc on ITV London Tonight as part of the 6pm news.

Here is whatthe Barnet Times has to say

and here is what the Barnet Times has to say about the film !

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Morris Hickey said...

A mention of Bwian's alleged cwime on BBC London News at 6.30 tonight.