Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Very odd statement in Brian Colemans latest blog

Regular readers of this blog will know that the day after the alleged assault by Brian Coleman, the Reverend Adrian Benjamin turned up at Helen Michaels establishment, Cafe Buzz and started behaving in an extremely odd manner. He was observed picking up the chairs placed outside of the cafe and moving them next to some dustbins, next to a sidestreet.

The Barnet Eye was present at the time, and recognising Fr Benjamin as a long time friend and cohort of Mr Coleman, immediately went outside to  enquire what he was doing. Helen Michael accompanied me. Unbeknown to me, Helen actually knows Fr Benjamin. Her children attended a school he is associated with. She enquired "Adrian, what are you doing?". His only response was "They would look better here". As the Barnet Eye was aware of the long standing links between Benjamin and Coleman, I advised Helen at this point to be rather careful and explained the reason why. At this point, Benjamin recognised the Barnet Eye as a local blogger and started shuffling away. He then noticed Keith Martin, who he knows, in Cafe Buzz and wandered in for a chat.

Myself and Helen Michael were completely bemused by these actions. Today Brian Coleman makes a rather cryptic statement in his blog. He says
When the chips were down Adrian was there, he is no fair weather friend or clergyman who dispenses warm words and takes no action

This statement certainly makes me wonder whether there was more to the chair moving incident than a slightly confused elderly gentleman behaving as slightly confused elderly gentlemen sometimes do. It is often a mistake to read to much into the things which happen, but I am glad that I was present to witness the incident. If there are any other allweather friends of any local Conservative Councillors out there, who fancy absent mindedly rearranging Helens chairs, please be advised that she has now significantly beefed up her CCTV and a whole array of local shopkeepers and friends are keeping a steely eye on the premises. Given the pain from the torn tendons in her hand, she is in no mode to have any truck with any further attempts to improve the Feng Shui of her establishment, without her permission.


baarnett said...

At least Brian thinks "the chips are down".

Morris Hickey said...

I am not quite sure which I consider to be the more odious - Bwian, or a London Assembly member who persistently fails to answer a constituent's questions and then gets a pathetic little jobsworth to intervene.

richardarmbach said...

Let's hope Helen doesn't wake up one morning to find Jonathan Hoffman rummaging around in a rubbish bin.