Thursday, 11 October 2012

Guest Blog - Facing the truth about our community - by Linda Edwards

By Linda Edwards,


Please let it be my privilege to be one of the first to "We are looking for 1,000 Barnet residents to pledge £10. " Towards the Library (legal costs) Campaign.

I feel so blessed to have met such a community of selfless and caring people.

Two years ago I held the beliefs that:
-Strikers were unreasonable and lazy workers
-Unions didn't care about people in the community but only about themselves.
Strikers are costing the rate payers money and they should be penalised and get back to work immediately 
(Many more prejudiced beliefs Etc. Etc).

Because of the 'gentleness' of people like Helen D and John B I have been encouraged and open to hear the case for how public services are not only for the staff but for the community!  I don't believe that "Joe Public" who have preconceived beliefs (as I did) realise this.

One of the reasons is because prior to LBB One Barnet the case was always made and reported in the media for the Union members/workers (often relating to negative and perceived selfish demands)  but not often related to how issues would affect "Joe Public". This is something Barnet Eye could address and do well!

Through APSE and Dexter's reports together with various presentations (John Dix etc), A Tale of Two Barnet film etc etc I feel blessed to have been able to process the facts. It hasn't helped my period of incongruent dilemma whilst I was processing all I was seeing and hearing that I have experienced many pantomime "consultations" that were nothing more than an attempt to disrespect and hide from the community. 

At NO time has there been any desire from LBB to:
1. Explain  the argument against the above thought provoking discussions!   Adult Social Care is an excellent example of this. Their "Consultations" have the rationale in the small print which is not shared with us at these "Consultation" charades!  Their tick box culture is so transparent! 
2. Present their case or have any civil dialogue with the community!

Unlike many people, I don't find the word 'profit' distasteful.  Without profit, my parents would have seen their family starve.

What is distasteful is when the profit is being prevented from ploughing back into services for the community.  This is the case that we need to continue to promote. 
Linda Edwards is a parent/carer and director of a local charity which cares for adults with learning difficulties. Guest blogs are always welcome atthe Barnet Eye


tw said...

Hear, hear!

Mike said...

May i congratulate Linda for saying what many of us feel but are afraid to speak out. All of us residing in the Barnet we love must stand together against this greedy and power-mad Council. The lives of all our families are under serious threat. I would encourage all residents to unite behind the BAPS campaign to stop the pillaging and sell-off underpinning the One Barnet plans.... Don't believe what the council say.... There is another way to deal with the alleged financial crisis.