Saturday, 13 October 2012

The best of the weeks Barnet gossip about Councillor John Thomas

I am totally inundated with work. No really, so much so that I forgot to send out the text to the boys for Sunday night. Anyway, just about keeping on top of it.  At Wednesdays court hearing, for the repossession of Friern Barnet library, we had some of the most hilarious gossip I've heard for ages. Two bits of this I've shared with you already, the first was when the coordinator for Barnet Alliance for Public Services was mistaken for the Deputy Leader of Barnet Councils girlfriend by a member of the press. This happened when Dan did a runner from the courtroom, when he saw it was all going wrong. Tirza wanted to have a word with him and she got up and left with him. Much as I think Tirza's husband Rony is a lovely guy, it would be good for Dan to spend a few evenings with Tirza as he seems to me to be a guy who needs a few of  the facts of life explaining to him (and I don't mean the naughty bits) and I can think of no one better than Tirza to do this (memo to Dan - it is ok to screw your partner if they consent. It is not ok to screw everyone else in the Borough if they don't).

The next bit of gossip concerns a lady who really ought to know better, who confided in Mrs Angry and myself that she thought Councillor Thomas was rather dishy. Bad move. Whilst we will spare her the public embarrassment of naming and shaming, I doubt that the next pub visit will pass without comment.

Now both of these were very funny, but the crowning moment in the Dan Thomas stakes happened as Mrs Angry, myself and newboy Labour Councillor Arjun Mittra were walking to my car. We were discussing the behaviour of Councillor Thomas in the court and how he launched a charm offensive on Guardian reporter Robert Booth. Robert was regaled with stories of how everyobne in Barnet thinks the One Barnet program is marvellous and how it is only a couple of sad bloggers who disagree. Mrs Angry was witness to all of this and was rather perturbed. She exclaimed "Did you see the way Councillor John Thomas (her pet name for Daniel the spaniel) was all over Robert Booth. He was filling him up with all kinds of crap". At this Councillor Mittra rather naively stated "His name isn't John Thomas it is Dan Thomas". Mrs Angry, unable to retrain herself asked "Arjun, do you know what a "John Thomas is". Rather to Councillor Mittras embarrassment, we had to profer a clinical explaination. He rather embarrassedly then said "Maybe I'm not as worldly wise as I thought".

Whilst Councillor Mittra may not be quite the man of the world we thought, he is a thoroughly nice chap and is one of the few Barnet Councillors to write a blog. You can find it here - - sadly, unlike this terrible rag, it isn't full of scurrillous gossip and nasty rumours. It is, however, infromative and well written.


Mrs Angry said...

leave my boy Arjun alone. He is indeed not wordly wise in some ways, but he is very sharp when it comes to detecting One Barnet crap. Mrs Angry predicts that once he has settled into his post Cllr Mittra will be a fearsome opposition councillor. And what is nice about him is that when he was elected, the first thing he said was to comment on what an honour it is to be elected to serve your community. If only our Tory councillors, some of whom have enjoyed their sinecures for decades, felt the same sense of obligation to the people they represent.

As for the nameless person who admitted to finding Cllr John Thomas 'dishy': go and lie down in a dark room until you feel better ...

Morris Hickey said...

If my name were John Thomas I'd change it before the risque comments came!