Sunday, 28 October 2012

The Great Masturbator and The Enfield Dominatrix top David Cameron

Sadly for those of you expecting sauce and tittle tattle, this is one in our irregular series of Blog Stats specials. We have a tracking package that tells us all manner of info about the people reading our blogs. Here are a few things which I found rather amusing today.

Most of the people who look at the Barnet Eye, check the site out because they are interested in Barnet politics and the other subjects we cover. It may interest you to see the most popular internet google searches which have lead people to the Barnet Eye this week, excluding the word "Barnet". I had to laugh when I saw that David Cameron was kept off the top spot by "The Great Masturbater" and "Dominatrix Enfied". I am not sure what this tells us about David Cameron, but it made me snigger.

the great masturbator
dominatrix enfield
the cst david cameron
famous people in mill hill
how to tell if my coworker is gay
international time recording company train station clock
adam & eve mill hill music licence
allianz arena barnet
andrew travers
angry brigades

Perhaps just as interesting is where people who look at the Barnet Eye live (or are on holiday) - This is the profile of our last 500 hits

434 Hits86.80%United KingdomUnited Kingdom Flag
38 Hits7.60%United StatesUnited States Flag
4 Hits0.80%ItalyItaly Flag
3 Hits0.60%CanadaCanada Flag
3 Hits0.60%GreeceGreece Flag
2 Hits0.40%PolandPoland Flag
2 Hits0.40%TurkeyTurkey Flag
2 Hits0.40%AustraliaAustralia Flag
1 Hit0.20%PortugalPortugal Flag
1 Hit0.20%BrazilBrazil Flag
1 Hit0.20%MalaysiaMalaysia Flag
1 Hit0.20%Czech RepublicCzech Republic Flag
1 Hit0.20%Trinidad And TobagoTrinidad And Tobago Flag
1 Hit0.20%DenmarkDenmark Flag
1 Hit0.20%ChileChile Flag
1 Hit0.20%IndiaIndia Flag
1 Hit0.20%NigeriaNigeria Flag
1 Hit0.20%FranceFrance Flag
1 Hit0.20%IsraelIsrael Flag
1 Hit0.20%SwedenSweden Flag

I wonder what the chap in Brazil who googled "Iranian Women" or the person in Trinidad and Tobago who googled "How to tell if your co worker is a lesbian" made of the Barnet Eye.

As of 10:32 on Sunday 28th October, this blog has had 683,713 hits. That means we'll have had 700,000 by the 15th November and we are on target for 1 million hits by the 15th November 2013. When we reach 1 million hits, we'll have a party and you will all be invited !


Mrs Angry said...

Don't be fooled by the international origin of the Ip addresses: lots of these will be proxy servers, ie people hiding their internet trail by a 'borrowed' IP ...

baarnett said...

That's right. Mrs Angry is, in fact, a twenties-something surf dude, who blogs from a sandy beach in California.

Mrs Angry said...

hmm, baarnett ... no fooling you ... some international visits are genuine google mistakes, of course. My favourite location so far has been the North Pole. I like to think it was Father Xmas, checking up on my regular commenters, like Baarnett, to see if they have been good boys ...

baarnett said...

I have, I have!