Friday, 5 October 2012

Hypocrite Update : Matthew Offord MP berates BBC for same tax dodge he ignores at Barnet Council

Today MP Matthew Offord has criticised the BBC on Twitter for allowing employees to be employed as consultants on contracts to avoid tax and NI. Offord said
HendonMP: 25,000 contracts at BBC allow employees to avoid tax and NI. The new DG should eradicate the whole culture of nepotism and cronyism there.
 This is crass hypocrisy from Offord who has said nothing at all about the practice in in the London Borough of Barnet, where he used to be the Deputy Leader and which is run by his cronies in the Barnet Conservative party.

According to a GLA representative speaking before the Parliamentary select committee, there are more people in Barnet Council taking advantage of these loopholes than there are officially registered in the whole country !

The Barnet Eye calls on Mr Offord to state his views in relation to Barnet Council, who's taxpayers he is paid a large salary to represent

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button55 said...

I`m actually starting to enjoy the stupid comments he makes,shame it`s not going to happen for much longer though,eh!..