Saturday, 13 October 2012

The Saturday List #19 - The 10 Horrors of The London Borough of Barnet !

Here are the ten horrors of the London Borough of Barnet, all guaranteed to ruin your day ! These are all things I do my best to avoid.

1. Brian Coleman.
2. The staircase from Watling Avenue to Burnt Oak market (unless you like the smell of urine).
3. Henlys Corner
4. Apex Corner Roundabout
5. The National Institute for Medical Research when they are incinerating dead animals (vile smell)
6. Robert Rams blog
7. Closing time at the Bridge Tavern
8. First Capital Connect when it snows
9. Pay by phone parking bays
10. Rail Replacement buses for the Northern Line

Of course you may have a totally different list (if you are Brian Coleman it would doubtless have me at the top)

1 comment:

caroline said...

As to that staircase to Watling Market, as a child I would make a point of not breathing when I had to go on it. Sad to say that nearly fifty years on it still stinks.

I rather liked Apex Corner Roundabout, not driving round it but going through it. I remember thinking it was like an amphitheatre and there was a weeping willow as well. It was on a much bigger scale than almost anything else in Mill Hill and seemed a bit exotic to me back then.

I don't like the London Borough of Barnet much these days, I only go back to visit my brothers.