Saturday, 20 October 2012

The Saturday List #19 - Reasons why the Conservatives are still the Nasty Party

1. Andrew Mitchell called the Police plebs and swore at them - David Cameron didn't sack him

2. Stingy George Osborne tried to avoid paying for a first class ticket with the excuse that he couldn't possible stand travelling with ordinary people.

3. Barnet Tory Leader Richard Cornelius wants to stump up £14,000 of taxpayers money for legal fees defending his mate Councillor Andreas Tambourides against a standards complaint from highly respected Tory Councillor Kate Salinger.

4. Councillor Brian Coleman has refused to apologise for calling a resident a "Blackshirt" despite                 being ordered to do so by the Standards Committee. Richard Cornelius refuses to sack him.

5. Councillor Brian Coleman is currently on bail following an alleged assualt of a woman in North Finchley, Richard Cornelius refuses to suspend him from the party, despite this being the standard procedure.

6. Councillor Brian Coleman recently called highly respected Age UK Barnet chair, Julia Hines and Barnet blogger Theresa Musgrove a pair of hags in a council meeting. Richard Cornelius refused to sanction him.

7. Councillor Brian Coleman referred to other members of the public gallery, including a local rabbi as "sad and mad" at the same meeting. Richard Cornelius refuses to sanction him.

8. Councillor Dean Cohen pretends that parking policy changes haven't damaged local traders -


baarnett said...

The current regime has an oath that has recently been leaked (it is based on that of the Communist Party of China)...

"It is my will to join Richard Cornelius’s regime in Barnet, uphold Richard Cornelius's program, observe the provisions of Richard Cornelius’s constitution, fulfil Richard Cornelius’s member's duties, carry out Richard Cornelius's decisions, strictly observe Richard Cornelius's discipline, guard Richard Cornelius's secrets, be loyal to Richard Cornelius, work hard, fight for OneBarnet throughout my life, be ready at all times to sacrifice my all for Richard Cornelius and his regime, and never betray Richard Cornelius, especially over parking issues."

Dave-ros said...

Why do I get the strange idea that as soon as Brian Coleman outlives his usefulness, he's going to get a metaphorical ice pick in the back, and mysteriously disappear from party propaganda? Photoshopped rather than airbrushed, of course (one must keep up with modern technology)...