Thursday, 25 October 2012

Has Hell frozen over? Brian Coleman apologises for abusive email

There is a story on the Hendon Times website stating that Brian Coleman has written an apology to Two Barnet residents he insulted.

Let us hope that this is a sign that Brian Coleman is now preparing to enter the wolrd of adulthood.

Maybe he'll get a proper job next?


Morris Hickey said...

"Maybe he'll get a proper job next?"

To fund HIS lifestyle he'll have to do so!

Don't Call Me Dave said...

Word on the street is that he only apologised to make it harder for the Tory Group to expel him next week. Does anyone seriously believe he is genuinely sorry?

Yael Oren Kahn said...

No apology is yet received so no evidence he no longer defies apology order.
Let's hope he reneged indeed, but I doubt we heard the end of it.

Meanwhile Coleman is still the Vice Chair of the NLWA in power to influence the decision on the colossal contracts of £4,700,000,000 public money and whether they would be handed out to Veolia. It was the objection to Veolia's bids, because of its services to the illegal Israeli settlements and thus its complicity with the Israeli violation of international law, to which Coleman responded in his infamous replies and on which Judge Sally Lister ruled that his comments to those raising concerns on the NLWA and Veolia had crossed the line into “personal, offensive and insulting abuse, which lacked any reflective content”.
His bias should have excluded him from representing Barnet on the body that is considering this massive hand out to Veolia.