Monday, 1 October 2012

A message to all Conservatives in Barnet who care about our heritage

Please read this statement from the Conservative Councillor in charge of Barnet's heritage. If you believe that this man is anything other than totally unfit for the job, please leave a comment of email me to tell me why.

If you believe that this is the most disgusting thing you have ever read about the treatment of our heritage in Barnet, then I suggest you get on to your friends in the local Conservative Party and urge them to sack this awful man before he does any more damage.

And if you simply couldn't give a S**T? Well I am sure you are in good company with Councillor Robert Rams and his friends in the Barnet Council cabinet.

As for me, I am completely sickened by this. Here is a video I made on the day the museum closed last year. I am very proud that this one little snippet of the museum has escaped the philistine axe of Rams, Cornelius and co.

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