Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Richard Cornelius admits he's not up to the job of Leading Barnet Council

Dr Evil (AKA Richard Cornelius) has just admitted to the Barnet Times that he's not up to the job of being Leader of Barnet Council. When talking about the (lack of a ) decision by the Barnet Tories to suspend Brian Coleman, he said:
I’ve never dealt with anything like this in the past before but equally I’ve only been group leader for a year. I have found it very difficult to deal with because I know and like Brian. These allegations have come along and I’ve found it very difficult to handle.
What a complete plonker. Does he not have any press advisers. He has admitted dithering because "he likes Brian". What about if it was a member of the team who he didn't like. What about the reputation of the Barnet Conservative Party and Barnet Council?

Leadership is about making tough decisions, which come out of the blue. Saying you've never been in the position before or you've only been leader for a year is a complete dereliction of duty. At the moment, Barnet Council is making a monumental decision about outsourcing a billion pounds worth of business to private contractors in the One Barnet Program. Richard Cornelius has never presided over a Obne Billion Pound Gamble with our money before either. He's only been Leader for a year and hye clearly finds big decisions tough.

It doesn't exactly make you feel confident, when you know that all of the senior Council officers are telling him "there is no alternative", does it?

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Morris Hickey said...

That's the problem with local government post-Tony Bliar. Too many do it solely for the money, and are not motivated by any sense of commitment.

Dave-ros said...

Sounds like Corny Rich has held a vote of no confidence against himself...