Saturday, 22 September 2012

The Saturday List #16 - The ten most bonkers things I've seen in Barnet

Given the general bonkersness of Barent right now, I thought it was only appropriate to make a list of the ten most bonkers things I've ever seen in the London Borough of Barnet.

1. A double bed being driven down Mill Hill Broadway (for a film sequence).

2. A man fishing under the M1 flyover in Mill Hill Broadway (after a flash flood)

3. A naked man beating another fully clothed man with a baseball bat outside my house

4. Cows grazing on Mill Hill Circus Roundabout (they had escaped from St Josephs College farm).

5. An 8 ft high etheral ghost in a long coat walking down St Josephs College footpath in the mist at 2am.

6. Edgware High St under 9 ft of water

7. Armed hunters in search of hamsters in allotments in Burnt Oak

8. A zombie cucumber plant growing in Bunns Lane, Mill Hill

9. A man having sex with a goat in a field next to Mill Hill Broadway Station

10. A deranged vicar removing chairs from a Cafe in Finchley without the owners permission


Please feel free to add your own most bonkers things in the comments


Mrs Angry said...

were you entirely sober when you saw the 8ft ghost? Tell us more ...

Rog T said...

I've not been entirely sober for the last 44 years and I was on the way back from the Three Hammers after a session, so you may conclude that contributed to what happened. However, I made the same walk in the same state of inebriation (or worse) a thousand other times without seeing the grim reaper, so I have concluded that it was probably caused by something other than alcohol.

The odd thing was that it was only when he walked past me that I realised the strangeness of the encounter. Victorian clothing, deathly pale skin colour and victorian style dress, aged maybe 70-80.

I've lived in Mill Hill all my life and I would definately have noticed such a distinguished and tall gentleman. The other odd thing was he had disappeared when I looked back, which was about two seconds after he passed me.

I've never heard anyone else report such a sight. My mother who was of Irish descent and highly superstiitious reckoned it was the grim reaper on his way to collect some old lady who died in the cottage homes around that time.

I'm really not too sure what he was, other than the whole thing being rather odd.

It wasn't scary at the time, I just thought "Hmm that was a bit odd".

Rog T said...
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rithompson said...

What does a "Zombie Cucumber Plant" look like?

Mrs Angry said...

well: that is very interesting, as in fact there have been sightings of ghosts around Lawrence St & the St Joseph's area ... a nun, I think, and other stuff ... ooh er ... if anyone else has any stories let me know, as I am interested in any genuine spoooky tales from the borough ....

Rog T said...

Heres a vid about the zombie cucumber, sadly not the one in Bunns Lane

baarnett said...

I've heard there's a "Phantom Chair Stealer of Old Finchley", but it's probably not true, and he hasn't been heard of for years and years.

Matthew 23:2 does say that:

"The scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses' seat"

but they can't, if the chairs are taken away, so there could be an ecclesiastical connection.

Mr Mustard said...

The financially most bonkers thing is to take working machines that cost c. £1,800,000 to buy and install, and which generated income every year and send them off for scrap which probably brought in £5,000

Anonymous said...

Waiting at the bus stop on Ballard's Lane on Friday morning (21.09.12) a naked man ran out of the house opposite and then lay on the pavement, face down with his hands behind his head ... I had to call the police because he wasn't moving and it obviously wasn't a dare etc. When I saw the police arrive I got on my bus but would love to know the outcome.

Morris Hickey said...

Will it be the naked twuth about Bwian?