Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A history lesson from Councillor John Hart

As usual, the most entertaining speech in Barnet Town Hall last night was from Councillor John Hart. I thoroughly enjoy the old boy when he's on form. After a recent meeting he gave me some sound advice, suggesting I'd be far happier if I gave up blogging and followed the French example and got myself a mistress. When I suggested to John that my wife wouldn't approve, he disagreed "You'd be so much less of a miserable git that she'd be over the moon". I am not convinced.

John last night stated that the demise of the High Street was nothing to do with parking charges, in fact they'd been brought in to help the shops by unclogging parking spaces. I really must take John up to see Helen Michael in Finchley, I think she may be able to "educate" him a little as to where his thesis is flawed.

I think John has rather missed the point. I sometimes bump into him in Waitrose in Mill Hill (which has free parking) stocking up on the fine malt whisky and quails eggs which keep him so young and virile. Anyway, here is his tour de force. John beat me in the last council election. For all his faults, I'm glad that if someone had to beat me it was him, he is good value for money.

By the way, for those with memories as long as John Hart, back in 2010, I posted a fascinanting guest blog from Audrey Shaw, listing the shops in Mill Hill Broadway in 1957 and what they are today. I am sure John would approve. It says much about the way our lives have changed

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